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F L A V O U R   N O T E S

Our chocolate comes from many different farms and various countries. They all taste different because of the way they are grown, where they are grown and what's in the environment around the cocoa plant. The following flavour notes are only a guide to what you may taste when you eat our delicious, hand-crafted chocolate bars. Chocolate is not a one-taste-fits-all, so find a taste you can keep going back to - the results may surprise you!


Acidic flavour notes may be due to the location where the beans are grown - if the soil is acidic or if they are grown near citrus fruits. It also depends on how long the beans have been processed.


Some beans can be grown near places where flowers are in abundance and may take on some of those sweet and delicate floral flavour notes in its aftertaste. 


There are many different kinds of spices grown all around the world and sometimes when they are grown in proximity to cocoa plantations, the beans of that cocoa plantation absorb those flavours - for example, turmeric or herbal spices.


Cocoa plantations often are surrounded by plantations of various fruits and may take on the flavour of whatever that is grown near it. The most common fruity notes would be hints of berries, stone fruits and tropical fruits like bananas and pineapples.


The main flavour component of chocolate is often thought to be its cocoa aroma, but it's not always the case. The cocoa taste varies in different levels. While some beans produce chocolate flavours that hit you on first taste, some are more muted and can blend in with stronger flavours.


Some cocoa beans are unique in how they have a special nutty aroma after being roasted. The aroma only releases upon roasting and may depend on the species of the bean - Criollo, Forasterro or Trinitario.


Beans may sometimes have an inherently strong earthy taste after being roasted. This flavour note is a lingering one and it can be expressed sometimes by hints of grass and bitterness.


This flavour note can be developed by the beans' treatment during the roasting process, as well as the environment they are in. It can seem bitter and have a lingering taste at the back of the mouth.