Delivery Kit Disclaimers & Information

Delivery Timings: 12pm - 7pm (We are unable to allow customers to choose delivery timings, but the orders will be delivered within this time frame with a 30-60 min buffer)

Delivery Schedule:

The location depends on the first 2 digits of your postal code; see photo below to determine your delivery day.

*** Orders for the week will be CLOSED ON SATURDAY, 11.59pm. ***

Starter Kits will still be subject to delivery charge at checkout but we will refund the fee within 2-3 working days (total under S$50).


***NOTE: Online Orders will be ready for next day pickup and collection only if order is made before 6PM. Any orders received after 6pm can only be picked up the following day.

Pastry Box orders will be ready for pickup in 1-2 days and an email will be sent when the box is ready for pickup.