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What is Bean-to-Bar?

Bean-to-Bar Chocolates are unique, handcrafted chocolates that are made from specially selected cocoa beans. Lemuel Chocolate carefully chooses beans that have full flavour and unique characteristics that will leave you wanting more.

Why Bean-to-Bar?

At Lemuel Chocolate, we value simplicity and transparency. Our chocolate is made with only two ingredients - cocoa beans and organic cane sugar. 

Also, when we source out beans from the various farms, we help these farmers (who normally sell cocoa to big corporations for so much less) and increase the sustainability of the cocoa trade. 

The Process

Sorting → Roasting → Winnowing → Grinding → Aging → Tempering & Moulding

Contact Us

1 Vista Exchange Green, The Star Vista, #01-04/05 
Singapore (138617)
OPEN DAILY: 10am - 9pm

PHONE: 6993 7344

Email: hello@lemuelchocolate.com